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June 21 2016


Mobdro App Download for Android, PC, Laptop, Windows, iOS, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Amazon kindle fire, Kodi



Mobdro app can be an application which allows us to view Television channels, movies, shows, sports, tech along with other videos on our Android devices. Mobdro works with just about all Android devices (minimum Android version 4.1). It's a slim and clean application that searches your entire web totally free video streams of our own favorite TV programs. We can discover great streams and hang up them as favorites on Mobdro app.

Mobdro App

We can easily watch countless live tv stations and judge between a number of languages to watch content on Mobdro app. Aside from live tv stations, users can also browse television series along with a number of movies.

Installing Mobdro Free App on our system is really easy. We simply will need to go to the Mobdro download page after which download the most recent mobdro.apk file. Please browse the tutorial below for additional detail guide how-to install mobdro app on the devices (Android, PC, Windows, Laptop, Kindle, iOS, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Kodi, Android TV, Smart TV, Chromecast).

Mobdro for Android

The tutorial below will guide us how to install Mobdro app onto our Android (smartphone or tablet) or Android based device (Amazon kindle fire, etc.) also onto laptop or PC with Windows OS.

Detail by detail the best way to install Mobdro for Android :

1. Enable Unknown Sources.
Our phone or tablet will ask us to verify. Tap on OK to do so.
This task may different depending on our Android version or device, but each of us will need to start the choice that permit investing in apps aside from the Google Play Store.

2. Download Mobdro App
Open browser app after which click on the website link that follows mobdro.apk to download latest Mobdro .APK file or get more information at older Mobdro APK file. It is going to download the Mobdro app that is fully functional so we may use it so long as we love.

3. Install Mobdro
When download process is finished, our device can have notification that downloading process was complete. Tap about the notification to open up the file and after that tap on that file to continue mobile phone process.

4. Confirm
Our device ask us to confirm certain requirements that the Mobdro app needs, such as network access. Tap on Install to install the app and the Mobdro ought to be ready.

That�s it! Now we can easily streams video on the Android devices using Mobdro Free App !

Common Problems When Install Mobdro on Android

 If we are having the categories lists are empty, only then do we should configure our network settings to use Google Public DNS.
 If we're getting the message �check your connection�, so we need to check our internet connection after which try again. As we have zero connections problems, then we are most likely using an unsupported older Mobdro APK version. Download the most up-to-date version of Mobdro here.
 If we're getting �Parse Error� message, it implies the Android version on the system is less than the Android version of Mobdro was compiled for. Android 4.1 or newer is required to install Mobdro app.

Mobdro for PC Laptop Windows

Mobdro is surely an app to streams video coming from all all over the world. Wish to consider be utilizing BlueStacks emulator to install Mobdro onto PC with Windows OS:

1. First we need to install emulator software on the PC. Download the bluestack emulator from this level : BlueStacks for Windows. If we want to use another emulator, that�s okay. The subsequent steps is similar.

2. Then we download the Mobdro APK file from this level: Mobdro APK or here.

3. After download process finished, then double-click with that Mobdro.apk file or right click on it and click �Open with Bluestacks APK Installer�. The Mobdro app should be ready.

4. Head to BlueStacks home >> All Apps >> visit Mobdro icon to run Mobdro. I will be prompted to update the app if we open the Mobdro app.

That�s it ! Now we could streams videos on our PC using Mobdro App !

Mobdro for Amazon kindle fire

Kindle / Amazon kindle fire is Amazon�s product, which can be run by Fire OS. Fire OS is originally constructed from Android operating system, so technically Kindle Fire device (Amazon kindle fire tablet including the first generation, HD, HDX, Amazon Fire Phone) set up is capable to install Mobdro Free App on it.

To using this app please browse the tutorial how to install Mobdro on Kindle Fire below for more detail instructions :

1. Set our Kindle Fire to permit download and installation from unknown sources.

Head to Apps > Settings > Applications > Apps From Unknown Sources (HD6) or Settings > More > Device > Allow Installation of Applications and make certain it�s set to ON.

2. Open the browser app and then download the Mobdro APK file here: Mobdro APK or mirror server of Mobdro APK.

3. Once download has finished, then open that file to install.

4. We will have to click on some more screens. After Amazon kindle fire provides us a reminder, hit Install at the base right as well as the Mobdro App must be ready.

That�s it! Mobdro is currently installed and we can stream video on our Ipad Fire !

There are several common problems when install Mobdro on Amazon Kindle Fire :

When we get yourself a message �Parse Error - You will find there's problem parsing this package� when trying to side-load an APK file to Amazon kindle fire device (First Gen, HD, HDX), it means the matter may be a result of some various factors, but many turn out either the Mobdro APK file was downloaded bad or Mobdro APK file is not works with the Android sort of our Amazon kindle fire device.

Mobdro for iPhone iPad iOS

Officially Mobdro for iPhone, iPad, iOS isn't available as a result of some reasons. We need to wait until the Mobdro developer release Mobdro for iPhone (iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, iPhone 4S) and iPad devices. Later soon the developer may intend to release Mobdro for iOS. If any update specifics of launch of Mobdro for iOS device (iPad, iPhone) we will inform you soon.

They are Mobdro alternative for iOS / iPhone / iPad device : apps like Mobdro
Mobdro for Mac

If we have Mac computer with OS X, we can run Mobdro app through the use of Android emulator software. BlueStacks is one of the best Android emulator software for Mac. For installing Mobdro onto Mac computer / laptop, please read step-by-step guide how-to install Mobdro for PC above.

Mobdro for Kodi

Mobdro originates to Kodi now. It can be one of the popular free android IPTV nowadays. From live news streams to our favorite sporting channels can be purchased on Mobdro Free App. The tutorial below will guide us how-to download and install the Mobdro IPTV Add-on for Kodi :

1. Open Kodi Software. From the Kodi main menu, navigate to System > File Manager > Add Source.

2. A fresh window will show up. Select None in Add File Sources and click OK.

3. An electronic keyboard will show up and we ought to write this link correctly : http://lvtvv.com/repo/ and then select Done.

4. Select Enter a Name just for this Media Source. Provide it with a reputation, for instance : Mobdro Kodi then select OK

5. Returning to Kodi main menu. Navigate to System > Add-ons > Install From Zip File

6. Select the name we gave in Step 4. As an example we're going to select Mobdro Kodi as I gave that name before.

7. We will have 2 files : Kodil.zip and Repository.ah.zip. Pick the second file �Repository.ah.zip�

8. Wait for the add-on enabled notification.

9. Select it and we'll see different options. Select Get Add-Ons > AH Add-on repository > Video Add-Ons

10. Then select Mobdro > Install

11. Wait for a add-on enabled notification and then we are done!


Now we are premade Mobdro for Kodi. The Kodi Mobdro add-on is available under our Video add-ons.

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